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Meet Fergie, an 11 year old Boston Terrier. Fergie's owner brings her to the hospital for yearly vaccine titers. Vaccine titers check for specific levels of antibodies in the blood and tell us if there are enough present to fend off diseases. These antibodies are produced from the body's response to a virus, bacteria or vaccine. Titers are a good alternative for our pets who experience severe vaccine reactions.

This is Maple, he  came to visit us for a clean bill of health in order to attend the fair. Due to a scrape on his nose, he was unable to attend. This seemed to turn out in his favor as he had a photo shoot for North River Animal Hospital's pet of the month! Maple's mom Natalie included a list of special things about Maple.

1. Maple is a really sweet rabbit.
2. Always ready to play.
3. Loves to be held.
4. Is nice to most rabbits.
5. Easy to dress up.
6. He is the best rabbit anyone could have. 
7. His breed is a Holland Lop.

 In June Ike came to see us because he was vomiting,had a decreased appetite and was gradually losing weight. With the help of our Veterinarians, staff and blood work, Ike was diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis). Ike was treated with an antibiotic, anti-emetic (anti-vomiting), appetite stimulate, fluids and a diet change. Now Ike's parents say he is acting like a new cat, which is great for a 12 year old!

Quinn was adopted into her forever home with a great mom and dad. After settling into her new home she got a sister named Ivy. Shortly after this she started to have some problems with her eyes and a decrease in appetite. Quinn was prescribed antibiotics for a upper respiratory  infection but still was not eating. Mom and dad brought her back in and she was placed on an additional medication. With the hard work of her parents hand feeding, medicating and round the clock care Quinn is now feeling much better!

HI, my name is Mason...  I'm an "elderly" Newfoundland. Let me tell you about what recently happened to me.   Just a little over a year ago my groomer (super awesome Brandy that moved away) found a big mass on my side.  
I was promptly appointed a visit with my favorite vet, Dr.  Donna, she did some X-rays and other tests to confirm that this was nothing to be concerned with.   I had what they called a "fatty lipoma."   Dr.  Donna told my mom that she doesn't normally remove them unless I have pain or appear to have loss of my day to day lifestyle.    Unfortunately the lipoma kept growing. My daddy even commented that he wondered how far my side could stretch because things were getting tight on my side.That thing didn't seem to really bother me until one day I just didn't feel very good. I didn't want to eat any-thing... Let me tell you, I love my food and am proud to be the first to finish.   Mom and dad were a bit concerned but didn't know why I wouldn't eat.   One morning,  I just couldn't get up,  mom tried and tried... She even called grandma in near tears trying to find Dad to help me.   I growled at mom,  I was not myself.   
I ended up at Dr Donna's office and mom and Dr. agreed... This thing had to go!!! I'm kind of old and my parents and Dr. Donna were concerned about me having surgery... So they took a little bit of blood to test (it wasn't too bad, I'm brave).   My white cells came back a bit high for me; I'm always dealing with a skin infection or something, so they weren't too concerned. With-out me knowing, I was all set up for surgery in a week, I had to take those yucky antibiotics and I already didn't feel well.  
The day of surgery came and mom and dad took me to see Dr.  Donna and Tracey (she's awesome too!)    I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew I'd be OK...  My parents wouldn't have just dropped me off anywhere. Mom got some calls at work and Dr. Donna encountered some surprises... Apparently my lipoma had gotten so big that it killed off some of my tissue and I got a bad infection (they called it an abscess).  
It wasn't safe for me to go home so I had to stay at another animal hospital my parents took me to.     Due to the extensive severity of that thing (fatty lipoma) I ended up needing a blood transfusion.   Mom kept calling me at the hospital wanting to know how I was and what those numbers were (PCV to deter-mine my red blood cell count).  
Eventually on Sunday (after arriving Thursday night) they said I could go home.  I've never seen my mom and dad so happy to see me!    They got me home and told me I could not go up and down the stairs AND I had to stay confined to the bathroom to be safe.  Mom was super worried to go to work and leave me alone so she sent Dad to get a camera so they could watch me (weirdoes!).
So...  It's been one month and I'm off all the antibiotics and no pain medications...  My hair is even filling in.  I'm the happy, healthy, cuddly guy everyone loves again.
I am so grateful to Dr. Donna, Tracy and my parents because from what I hear,  if I hadn't had surgery,  I wouldn't be here now!! ? 

    April Pet of the Month

Molly is a 10 year old Blue Heeler. She has been the best dog you could imagine. She is sweet, very loving and gives the best hugs! Molly was born with one brown and one blue eye. She has a genetic disease that caused a lens luxation and secondary glaucoma. Both of her eyes were removed to make her pain free and she is doing wonderful ... we are so grateful!

March Pet of the Month

Larkin was brought into North River Animal  Hospital for a suspected foreign body. Through a barium series, Dr. Darling was able to determine if there was any blockages present. She noted "contrast moved through adequately. On last image there was an oddly shaped structure within the colon." Larkin passed a large Nerf dart shortly after returning home.

This is Ziggy and he has been through a lot . He is about 4 months old and has already been to an emergency hospital. Ziggy was treated for hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. After a long road to recovery, he is starting to feel like a puppy again! We love you Ziggy!

January Pet of the Month 

Willie is 14 years old and was diagnosed with Diabetes in February 2016. He was started on insulin and Royal Canin diabetic food. It was hard to keep a "balanced" glucose level, but Willie's family did a great job. He has not  received insulin injections for about 5 months now and continues to maintain a normal glucose level. Congratulations Willie!

December Pets of the Month

This month we are celebrating Olive and Sydney ! These girls are 3 years old and are doing great. Their mom brings them in just about every month to trim up their nails. This works out great because they both get unlimited nail trims because they are on North River Animal Hospitals wellness plans. See you girls soon.

November we celebrate pet dental health month. Thank you to all who came in to see us during this time!

October Pet of the Month

Words from Mom and Dad:

 Lucy is an 11 year old Labradoodle that became part of our family last October. We heard she needed a home from our neighbor. We had recently lost our 12 year old dog, and wondered if we should give her a home. We weren't sure, since she was older, and she was a lot bigger than what we were used to. Once we met her we fell in love with her! She was just what we needed after our loss. She is very smart, affectionate, well trained, and a very good listener!
We also found out that Lucy had heartworm! That meant a long treatment, visits to North River Animal Hospital, and worst of all, restricted activates! No walks, fetch, or squirrel chasing all summer!
She is back to good health now, just in time to help us train our new Labradoodle puppy! We are so happy she is part of our family!

September Pet of The Month

This is Morris, he is an 8 year old cat that was diagnosed with feline leukemia. He was diagnosed about a year ago and is still doing the things he loves!

August Pet of The Month

My name is Meechie and I am an 13 year old cat. I was relinquished by my first owners at age 12 and then'  luckily ' adopted by my new family! I now have 2 younger brothers and am learning how to be a big sister. 

Congratulations Mia on becoming July Pet of the Month.
Mia has been fighting hard through her current illness. We are all here for you Mia, hang in there!

We are celebrating Sassy for the month of June as our geriatric pet of the month!

Sassy is 10 years old and is currently on insulin for her diabetes. Her mom brings her in regularly for blood glucose checks and for her special treats! We are so lucky to have such caring people in our lives.

Here is a summary of what this little trooper has been through.  Late June came to see Dr. Burrows, was not eating, not playing and he is a ball fanatic and throwing up.  Blood test revealed he had very high liver enzymes and Blood glucose levels.  Referred to OVRS immediately which probably saved his life, diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis and pancreatitis.  Put on insulin IV drip 2 days later back to normal self. Through mid Sept went back every two weeks for blood curves.  Mid Sept developed cataracts and by end of Sept. went blind.  Cataract surgery performed on Sept 29th, out patient, he could see that evening.  Everything looked great.  2 weeks later developed secondary glaucoma which could not,get under control and he underwent emergency endoscopic laser surgery and gonioimplants in both eyes, he was only the second patient they had done this on.  He did have complications and spent a total of 10 days in the hospital. But through it all, he has been great, green beans have been our life saver to give him treatment and perform test on him.  Morning and evening routine, he eats then runs and sits in the bathroom because he know he gets green beans after his insulin and each of 5 eye drops spaced 5 minutes apart.  He stays in the bathroom most times until I turn off the light and his bowl of green beans goes back in the fridge. If we need to test his eye pressure we hold a green bean out in front of him and he will stare at it while we test his pressure. Here we are at the end of April and he is in pretty great shape.  We are so thankful for North River, OVRS and Blue Pearl, they have saved his life and gave his quality of life back to him.  Also must mention that Pet Insurance paid for practically all of this!

Chauncey's Mom and Dad

Gabe is a 11 year old Springer spaniel. 

He was recently diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. his condition required immediate life saving surgery. Gabe is now fully recovered and ready to resume his camping trips with his family.

March Pet of the Month!

February Pet of the Month!

November Pet of the Month

October Pet of the Month

My name is Bo and I am August Pet of the Month.

July Pet of the Month

My name is Petunia and I am a Dutch Rabbit. I went in to see my veterinarian because I had an ear hematoma. After surgery, my ear is doing great and I may even be placed into show competition. Wish me luck.

June Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month

Ivy is a 5 year old Beagle who recently had cruciate surgery. Cruciate ligaments are located behind the kneecap (patella) in an X formation and keeps the knee from sliding. Thanks to her mom's diligent care, she is doing well and should be chasing after her 2 sisters in no time.

April Pet of the Month

Mahlie is a 3 year old fancy rat who has been seeing us for about 2 months for subcutaneous fluids. When she was first in February she was congested and not feeling well.  She had a decreased appetite and was drinking little. With fluid therapy and her mom and dad's help she is hanging in there. We hope to see her improve and are all pulling for her. Keep it up Mahlie!

March Pet of the Month

Harley is a 9 year old Labradoodle who has endured allergies, seizures, eye problems and ear infections in the past 2 years. Despite all of his recent troubles, Harley is going strong and happy to be able to do the things he loves. 

February Pet of the Month

Teddy is our February pet of the month. Teddy was not eating and vomiting when she was first examined at the clinic. A string was found under her tongue. Teddy was sedated and surgery was performed to remove the thread. Dr. Barnes performed 3 enterotomies, which are surgical incisions into the intestines, to remove a long piece of thread. Teddy has since made a full recovery and is back to her normal spunky self. 

January Pet of the Month

Ja-De is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd that had injured a back nail approximately 6 months ago. While healing, his nail became enlarged and painful. The best option was surgical removal of the nail. Ja-De is recovering well after surgery and should be able to play again soon. 

December Pet of the Month

Patches had emergency surgery to remove a tumor from his spleen.  The tumor is benign, and after about 2 months of recovery, fluids, and medication, he is starting to feel like his old self again.

November Pet of the Month

Butternut has been coming to see us because he has been losing weight. Pancreatitis was diagnosed. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas and can sometimes be managed with special gastrointestinal food and medication. Butternut is not out of the woods yet, but he is eating and doing better. Keep it up Butternut.

October Pet of the Month

My name is Bridgette. I am a 17 year old yorkshire terrier. I have been through a lot in the past few months, like going to an emergency hospital for seizures and chronic renal failure. I am on special medication, food and acupuncture treatment. I am feeling better and starting to do some of the things I love. 

September Pet of the Month

We are celebrating Bobbi Jean this month for being one of our many geriatric dogs that is still doing great. She is 12 years old and besides some problems with her vision Bobbi Jean is doing well and living life. Congratulations to her parents as well for taking such good care of her. 

August Pet of the month

Betty has been battling heart disease for over 2 years. Her owners are very committed to her treatment and Betty is doing well managing her disease. Congratulations Betty.

July Pet of the Month

Megan was diagnosed with papillary urothelial carcinoma, commonly known as bladder cancer. After receiving treatment at MSU and with a lot of help from her dad, Megan is doing very well. Keep fighting Megan we are all here for you!

June Pet of the Month

Cassie was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in November. Since then, her parents have been doing a great job maintaining her blood glucose levels. Awesome job!

May Pet of the Month

TJ was very ill for several weeks. She required emergency surgery after she was diagnosed with pyometra, which is a life threatening infection. TJ is doing great after surgery and is a very brave girl.

April Pet of the Month

Ben was hospitalized in January. He was having tremors and could not stand for very long, along with a lot of other complications. Ben was given IV fluids and stayed with us for a couple of days. He is much improved since his last visit. WAY TO GO BEN!

March Pet of the Month

Bella was very sick as a puppy. She had intestinal parasites, anemia, and had possibly ingested rat poison. We are pleased to say that Bella has recovered and is now a healthy, happy, 6 month old puppy. Congratulations, Bella on being selected as our March Pet of the Month.

February Pet of the Month

Since Tucker was a young pup coming into see us he was timid. It was even hard for us to handle him. Tucker is doing great now thanks to his parents hard work and time put into training classes. Now we are able to handle him and he is more relaxed in the clinic. Great job Tucker and parents.

January Pet of the month

Rondo is a 2 year old male goldendoodle. He was diagnosed with 2 serious blood disorders in early November. Rondo was hospitalized at Oakland Veterinary Referral Service for several weeks. He is recovering and will continue with his current therapy for the next several months. Rondo was a very good boy for treatment despite not feeling very well.

December Pet of the Month

Eddie is a 13 year old Pekingese. He has been battling skin issues for several months and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He is on daily medication and is being a very brave boy. Good luck Eddie.

November Pet of the Month

Diamond is a 12 year old Labrador Retriever that visits the clinic every month for acupuncture treatments. She has benefited from the treatments and is ready to cheer on her favorite team.